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My name is Ryan Dotzler, and I am the founder and craftsman of Dotzler Designs. Born and raised in Arizona, I grew up camping in the woods, and dreaming of the day I would build custom cars. Through determination and a little bit of luck, that dream became a reality. After going to automotive school, I spent nine years welding, building, and restoring custom cars.

I achieved my dream of building cars, but I found that something was missing. I was spending all my time and energy building something that only gets used on occasion. I wanted to build something that served an everyday purpose. With the love and support of my beautiful wife Rachel, I started Dotzler Designs in 2017.

Building furniture pieces started out of a need to furnish my own house. Now I build wood and metal pieces for families and businesses across the Phoenix Valley. Dotzler Designs allows me to expand my craft and find creative purpose in what I build.

Design Process

Your space deserves the highest quality materials and a unique design. Utilizing wood and metal, I design and build custom pieces that will last for generations. After discussing ideas and collecting measurements, I draw up a rough sketch and begin my favorite part of the process – building.

Wood Mastery

Using a variety of high quality woods, I craft detailed wood pieces that add creative purpose to your lifestyle. After the wood piece is cut, shaped, and combined, I apply the perfect, hand-applied finish to make your piece meet your expectations and elevate your style.

Metal Fabrication

From wood work to metal fabrication, I enjoy forging materials together to create something brand new. I bring precision and artistry to each step of the metal work process. Quality, hand-crafted metal provides stability, function, and style to any furniture or decorative piece.

The Finished Product

I pride myself on being fully committed to projects from beginning to end. Once your piece is built, I deliver the finished product to you and provide any installation that is needed. My goal is to make sure that your custom piece meets the exact specifications and measurements for your space.

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” - Marshall McLuhan

Combining artistry and experience, I design wood and metal pieces that add practical function and style to your space. All of my designs are custom made to order. If you have specific piece in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out with your needs and requests.

An Excellent Choice

"I've known Ryan a long time. He brings some powerful skills to the table. If you've got an idea, but you're not sure how or who should make it, call him. We've been happy with both his pricing and quality of work."

Jason A.
Tempe, AZ
Work of Art

"I wanted to take time to say how much I enjoyed working with you on these projects. You valued our ideas while bringing your own experience and creativity into the design process. Your level of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and ability to make any necessary changes is truly remarkable! The finished product is better than I imagined!"

Meagan P.
Mesa, AZ
Highly Recommend

"Dotzler Designs is a unique shop that is capable of creating anything you can dream up. His creative attention, dedication, and knowledge are first-rate when it comes to getting the job done. I would highly recommend Ryan for any project - small, large, commercial, or residential. Thank you Ryan!"

Jesse N.
Phoenix, AZ
Reach out
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